In short:
I’m a problem solving CEO with an Enterprise Architect background and a pragmatic approach to frameworks. I started out marketing the positive implications of role playing games and board games, but ended up founding an early web consulting company. I live in the Western Harbour area of Malmö together with my wonderful wife and three kids. I am also a passionate photographer and diving instructor.

My current position is CEO at Tenco Service Design.

Contact info:
mattias [and then]

You want to know more?
I am an open, outgoing, calm, entrepreneurial, enthusiastic 46-year old man with a good portion of determination and persistency.

To summerize my experience on a general level, I would like to emphasize on my drive to accomplish what I set out to do. I have always liked to seek out challenges in order to break them down into manageble deliverables. To me, the feeling of accomplishment is especially strong and gratifying when the tasks at hand seem almost overpowering to others. Being able to cut through and find the bare essentials for successful deliverables is perhaps my greatest talent.

The time I spent building up framfab together with friends and collegues have had a great influence in my life on many levels. The people, the culture and the enormous growth of the company has taught me more than I can express in writing. But to pick a few things that have served me well professionally, I must say that the general as well as specialized knowledge of IT on virtually all levels that I gained from the experience have been a great source to rely on. But also being able to identify and connect business drivers to possible IT solutions – as well as when not to rely on IT as part of the solution. Although, having said that, perhaps the foremost lesson is the importance of people, culture and motivation in regard to process and organizational changes.

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Areas of expertise

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Management
  • IT Strategy
  • Business strategy
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Team Leadership

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