Yes, we’re married. And madly in love. Between us we have three children, but none together.

We met working together as colleagues at Malmö stad. It wasn’t what you’d call instant attraction. But after working together for a while we saw the power and effect our two areas of expertise had combined and what an excellent team we were. We eventually became good friends and then the love thing was kind of unavoidable. And now we’re planning on living happily ever after.

We still enjoy working together. We love to enhance ourselves within our line of expertise and often discuss how the two are closely entwined. So we thought it be a good idea to have a blog where we can ventilate our thoughts on the two subjects. Sometimes our blogposts will relate to both subjects. Sometimes just one or the other. Somtimes it will be in English. Sometimes in Swedish.

“Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.”
— Doris Lessing

Kind regards

Two passionate doers

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